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MicroView: Mahboob’s Afghanistan


In the newest installment in our roving View From Here series, Mahboob F. takes us to a quiet spot near Kabul, Afghanistan. With this article, we’re excited to add a new language in our Sans Frontières series of articles published in multiple languages. Mahboob has written for us in both English and Dari, which is the version of Persian spoken in Afghanistan.

While I can’t well describe all that was in my mind when I was taking this picture, I am certain I was feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. I could feel the cold water over my feet—it was fresh water coming off the mountains and I loved the sunshine which was warm. We had some nice Afghan food with us (bolani, dough, and kebab). I enjoyed every moment of that day. Kabul isn’t a safe city at all, but we must admit that the people there didn’t stop living. Places like this in the mountains are like an escape from worries and all the other things that you can feel in a city like Kabul, and they offer a chance to just be in nature and have a time of gathering together. Something you can immediately notice when you are in Kabul is that there are so many mountains all over the city and almost everywhere you go. It adds to the beauty of the city.


نمیتوانم به درستی توصیف کنم که چه چیزی در فکر داشتم وقتی این عکس را گرفتم، اما مطمینا، میدانم که خیلی احساسم لبریز شده بود از زیبایی طببیعت، میتوانستم آب سرد را روی پاهایم حس کنم، آن آب تازه یی که از کوه ها سرازیر شده بود و همچنان آفتاب گرم دوستداشتنی، ما غذای خوب افغانی داشتیم (بولانی،دوغ و کباب). من از هر لحظه آن روز لذت بردم. کابل شهر امنی نیست اما باید قبول کنیم مردم هنوز هم زندگی کردن را توقف نداده اند. جا های مثل این مثل یک مخفیگاه است و بدور نگرانی ها و دیگر چیزهای که میشه احساس کرد در شهری مثل کابل و این جایی بود که میتوانستیم در طبیعت گرد هم آییم. یک چیزیکه شما سریعا متوجه آن خواهید شد در کابل، وجود کوه ها بسیاری در هر جای از شهر هست ، هر جای که بروید. این به زیبایی شهر می افزاید.


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Originally from Afghanistan, Mahboob F is currently based in Europe.

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