Anthrow Circus

On The Road A/V Club: Episode 4 – The Team Talks A.I.


This episode again brings together a part of the AC team as we sit “together” to discuss AI and it’s usage. Coming from multiple perspectives this conversation touches on how we may address this tool in our collective media and individual professional and personal spaces.

ON THE ROAD A/V CLUB: Episode 2: After Seeing Barbie


We know it’s been a minute since the release of the Barbie movie, but we wanted to share a conversation with a group of high schoolers immediately after they saw the movie. We enjoyed hearing what they had to say, and it gave us all a little insight as to why it was and remains as so popular. Listen to Episode 2.

Thank you to JC Johnson’s niece and friends for your help with this…

ON THE ROAD A/V CLUB: Episode 1 – Learning About Afghanistan


We’re doing something new! It’s a podcast-light. Listen to our first audio conversation with the Anthrow Circus team. Our creative director, Jen, and manager of operations & social media, Armon, learn from our editor-in-chief, Kami, about the situation in Afghanistan since the U.S. withdrew from the country two years ago in August 2021. Kami and her Allied Shepherd team have been working to aid Afghans trying to relocate and find safety. Listen and learn with us. And then click on over to other Anthrow Circus stories from Afghanistan..