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ON THE ROAD A/V CLUB: Episode 2: After Seeing Barbie

Photo by JC Johnson.


We know it’s been a minute since the release of the Barbie movie, but we wanted to share a conversation with a group of high schoolers immediately after they saw the movie. We enjoyed hearing what they had to say, and it gave us all a little insight as to why it was and remains so popular. Listen to Episode 2.

Thank you to JC Johnson’s niece and friends for their help with this.

“Barbies don’t need a Ken to be Barbie. And Kens don’t need a Barbie to be Ken.”

“I just thought it being marketed as a comedy obviously had a deeper meaning…the way they portrayed that was great.

“Had they advertised feminism, I feel like it would not have been popular. They had to sneak it in because no dad was really going to watch a movie on feminism.”

“But there were quite a lot of dads in that theater!”

“I love how they got some sweet and meaningful scenes in there.”

“I did almost start crying…”

“The attention to detail!”

“I haven’t been to a movie in a really long time that had the same atmosphere.”

“The choreography was great!”

“The atmosphere [of] the Barbie movie is awesome. Everyone was dressed in pink; you have everyone so excited.”

“Everyone has come for one thing, and we all love each other in that moment.”

“The marketing was perfect…the premieres, the celebrity Barbie photos.”

“I loved the comedy. It was funny without being cringey.”

“The set design was insanely cool, and how it was all so plasticky.”

“Every play set was correct, especially the Barbie Dreamhouse and the chairs…the fridge…the pullout milk cartons, and the driving ambulance that turned into a hospital.

“You better believe I was hyped up after I saw that soundtrack list.”

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