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On The Road A/V Club: Episode 4 – The Team Talks A.I.

A.I. generated image using a photo by Kami Rice and Adobe Firefly. The text prompt was Photograph of ant carrying tooth, pillow, Brazil.


In this episode, part of the Anthrow Circus team sits down together–virtually–to discuss A.I. and its usage. Coming from multiple perspectives, our conversation delves into how we may engage this tool in our collective media work and individual professional and personal spaces.

The team recently experimented with artificial intelligence for our article MicroView: The Magic of Lost Teeth. We needed an image to go with the story, and some of us were curious about using Adobe Firefly to generate the type of image we needed by using one of our real photos as a starting place. Read the article to discover why the text prompt was “a photograph of ant carrying tooth on a pillow in Brazil.” We didn’t choose to use the A.I. generated images in the article—can you discern why?—but they did prompt a conversation with the team about the role and capabilities of A.I. and how and when we should employ them for Anthrow Circus and our other endeavors. Listen to us discuss a lot of complicated thoughts, and check out the complicated (and somewhat disturbing) A.I. images below.

The less successful first attempts using text prompts and Adobe Firefly.

Original Text prompt: Ant tooth fairy, Brazil

Text prompt: Black and white drawing of ant carrying a tooth in Brazil.

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