Anthrow Circus

View From a Pandemic: Bath, U.K.


Lockdown for me has revealed a strange sense of calm living alongside the fear and uncertainty in the world at the moment. Towns and cities lie deserted, and there is empty space where humans once were. Lockdown has given me the time to pause, become more aware of my immediate surroundings, and see the beauty that exists within this stillness. The following photos capture small moments of peace I have felt during lockdown.   

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Sarah Conner is a photographer and designer living in Bath, England. Her creative journey began when at a young age she would draw and paint with her father at their kitchen table. In later life, her love of color, texture, and space led her to pursue a career in interior design. In 2018 she took a career break to travel the world, and it was on this trip that she rediscovered her passion for photography. Sarah’s work mainly focuses on the small intimate details of a place and how these details can come to together to tell a bigger story. When she’s not out exploring with her camera, Sarah can be found experimenting in the kitchen or doting on her two ginger cats Paddy and Murphy!

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