Anthrow Circus



After the fires in Maui, Hawaii 

Golden delicacy 
Hangs in the aftermath of firefall, 
The red rim of the sky’s dome 
Diffusing to a dusky orange 
In the 4 p.m. ocean fog. 
In the muted light, 
The shore struggles towards equilibrium 
Without its old green horizon. 
Seabirds are silent 
On their sandbar dock 
Smoke still cloying in their throats. 
Fish below are searching 
Uneasy and clamorous 
For farther depths. 
The sun begins to set 
Unwilling to look at its charge any longer. 
A purple longing to be vibrant 
Hangs in a jagged streak at the horizon 
As the sky reaches for any color 
But red. 
The waves are calm, 
Accepting each piece of ash 
As it emerges from the fog, 
Giving the trees  
One last moment of rest. 

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Gloria Newton is a lover of all things story and passionate about all things nature and environment. Story in visual, literary, or audio-visual art inspires her, so she works in all these mediums. She is a published author in two university art and literary collections, and she won the Creative Expression Award in Song Lyrics from Collage Magazine, an accoladed publication from Middle Tennessee State University. Another recent publication in this magazine can be seen here

more from this author

Livi Goodgame is a poet, writer, and fiddle player from Nashville, Tennessee. She studied English language, literature, and French at Middle Tennessee State University. She is always on the lookout for ways to exercise her creativity, desiring to utilize God-given gifts for the joy of others. Her poetry can be found in Collage, MTSU’s creative magazine, in each issue from Fall 2019 to Spring 2022.

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