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Fielding Flower: A Poem

A poem by Lori Landau. Photograph and painting by Lori too.

Fielding Flower

The time I felt most myself   I was lavender
No more than a bee     No less than sky
My soul aired     Crouched among the tiny flowers
I was moved by the wind   A creature so light
I leaned on the dirt without bruising it

Every day I want not to harm
But then I take a step   
And crush something or other

I don’t know how anyone learns to live with ruin
                I am looking for a field I can lay down in

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Lori Landau is a cross-discipline artist with a focus on drawing, painting, writing, and environmental art. Her expressionist work is rooted in her own personal mindfulness practice and explores relationships between nature and the nature of being. Her poetry, essays, and articles have been published in magazines and books and online. She has shown her artwork in several venues, most recently the New York Open Center. A certified yoga and meditation teacher Lori also offers experiential writing workshops that are deeply inspired by her connection to poetry, spirit, and elemental materials like water, earth, branch, and stone. She imbues her creative practice and teaching with spirit and ritual to tap into the holiness of an ordinary moment. Lori is currently working on a book about contemplative creativity and is a graduate student at Goddard College working toward an MFA in interdisciplinary art. To learn more visit or e-mail

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