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MicroView: Khuruskhul, Cox’s Bazar


Our View From Here series is back as Nihab Rahman takes us inside a little moment of Bangladeshi life. Be sure to check out Nihab’s other Culture Keeper pieces too.

Near Chowfol-Dondi Bridge in Khuruskhul, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, Ziyaul Haque, 21 years old, repairs his five-year-old boat for its next destination, which is Sundarbans, the only mangrove forest in Bangladesh. Ziyaul  worked all day long on this boat. He’s the owner as well as a worker. He narrated how much he loves his boat and his work. His dream is to make more money in order to build a bigger boat. I feel blessed to meet people like him who don’t care about what they’re doing. Instead, they’re happy to stick with it for their entire life.

Author profile
Nihab Rahman

Nihab Rahman grew up near the world's longest natural sea beach, which is located in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Now 21 years old, he began working with photography three years ago when he was finishing his higher secondary education. He loves traveling and taking photos all day long. In the beginning of his photography journey, he took a lot of sunset photos. Every sunset was like a new heaven for him. Day by day his love of photography grew. Now he shoots people, landscape, still lifes, and street photos. Nihab currently works for both Medical Teams International and Food for The Hungry as their Communications Program Officer based in Bangladesh. Find more of his photos on Instagram and Facebook.

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