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Everything is sacred

         at a monastery,

even the stairs just out-

                                           side the refectory—

the sign for which

         I mistook for

                a monument

to a solemn saint known for his

        haughty show of piety,

thanks to the curious spacing

            between the A and the T.

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Scott Lashinsky, Anthrow Circus's poetry editor, is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, the hometown of famed boxer Muhammad Ali. Scott has been writing poems since high school. What began as a practice to fight apparent boredom in class turned into a passionate, personal pursuit throughout college and beyond. Scott, who works as a video producer and photographer based in Amman, Jordan, has published four books of poetry and produced and released three albums, three EPs, and one single all under the moniker vagrant moon. His favorite poets are Rumi (as translated by Coleman Barks), Thomas Merton, and Anna Kamieńska.

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JC Johnson, Anthrow Circus's creative director, spends most of her time as a photography and arts instructor in Nashville, Tennessee. She is often overwhelmed with wanderlust, photographs internationally, and has a passion for travel and study abroad as both an artist and instructor. Her photographic work makes associations to childhood as well as to the nostalgic and the whimsical. Common themes in her photography include European architecture and history, fashion, travel, toys, and miniatures.

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