Anthrow Circus

To the People, a Dandelion

During the Holocaust, Jews entered the Auschwitz concentration camp through the railroad system. Photograph by Gracie Turner.


The sorrow of a non-Jewish woman touring Auschwitz

here is what I heard:
experimentation and execution
to sooner non-exist
I stargaze final whispers
over concrete chambers
but the cosmos thickened
from the cloud of Jews

anan Yehudim

here is what I hold:
I, tasked to write and grit out
a depiction of a muse
that never speaks
and even this poem
cannot bring to life
the words
of those silenced


Madison Anderson is a confessional poet temporarily living in the Bluegrass State. She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and creative writing from Asbury University and is in the process of earning her master of arts in communication before journeying into her MFA in creative writing. She currently runs her own freelance writing business and is creating Eunoia, a biannual multimedia magazine for creatives. You can read her work in publications such as the Asbury Review and her debut poetry book, my words sounded of maraschino cherries (available January 2024). 


Hailey Small is a poet, editor, and recent college graduate. Her writing is always grounded in place; she explores and depicts how people and their environments reflect one another. To read more of her work, find her elsewhere on Anthrow Circus, or in The Asbury ReviewKentucky Monthly, or The Linden Review.

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