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Culture Keeper is all about collaboration, and this whimsical impromptu photo shoot by Jonathan Randall Grant, Culture Keeper’s founder and creative director, and photographer Will Johnson embodies this Culture Keeper ethos.

For creatives, space to improvise and play is fertile ground for new projects! (For more creative projects that emerged from an artist’s playing, check out our MADE column.)

On a rainy April day, Jonathan Randall Grant and Will Johnson made a pot of tea, took out a new camera, and began pulling objects from around Jonathan’s Chicago apartment. This spontaneous creativity is a normal process for each of them, but this April day was the first time they were able to collaborate and play with this particular canvas.

For both Jonathan and Will, creative play is a source of fun but also makes a solid basis for future paid projects. For this shoot they found inspiration in everyday objects, capturing the way patterns and details inform one another. 



Author profile
Jonathan Randall Grant

Jonathan Randall Grant, Culture Keeper's creative director and founder, is always exploring the intersection of aesthetics, culture, and theology, and he can’t stop traveling. He splits his time between South Bend and Paris. Jonathan paints for churches, writes books for children, advocates for his friends on the front lines of peace-building, directs photo shoots, and goes swimming every chance he gets. Diana Vreeland is his spirit-animal. He’s on Instagram here.

Author profile
Will Johnson

Will Johnson is a photographer and designer based in South Bend, Indiana. Follow him on Instagram at his new photographer page and at his personal page.

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