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Strongbox: A Poem



your heavy, hard things

the ones you wear

like invisible


write them

thank them 

leave them 


Author profile
Nichole Christian

Nichole Christian is a writer, a passionate photographer, and a lover of all things creative. She is coauthor of Canvas Detroit, an award-winning look at some of the city’s top public artists. Her writing also appears in Portraits 9/11/01: The Collected “Portraits of Grief” from The New York Times; at Essay’, an online arts journal; in The Detroit Anthology; and in Dear Dad: Reflections on Fatherhood. Most days you can find her blending and exploring forms on Instagram. Strongbox is Nichole’s first published poem.

Author profile
Kelly Craig (KC) 

Kelly Craig (KC) grew up in the Akron/Cleveland area where at a young age she learned she had a penchant for travel and a passion for art and writing. In 2010, Kelly started her own photography business. She birthed and grew this business in the heart of Kansas City for seven years. In 2016, Kelly received her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. She is currently working from her home studio, both writing and making fine art. Through the business of all of this, Kelly continues to roam the earth in her family RV with her camera, affectionately named Rover.

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