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Havana Is not ‘the City Stuck in Time’


Rather, it’s a city stretching forward, according to Culture Keeper contributor Roshanda Cummings.

Close your web browsers and your guidebooks. Erase your search history. Forget everything you’ve heard about Cuba and what you assume has happened to it as relations have begun to warm between America and this neighboring island nation.

From India, With Love and Fire: A Visit

By Amber Kidner

Just before Christmas I had an opportunity to visit a small school in Delhi.  The school that my children attend had begun to work with this school in various ways.  My assignment was to photograph the children both at work and at play, as they inhabited their school space on that particular morning. 

A Moons and Houses and Hope Travelogue

By Kami L. Rice

We entered Bosnia by road as night fell. A full moon rose and threw a spotlight down on houses scattered like carcasses through the countryside.

So very many carcasses.

Empty inside, roofless, with charred stone walls marking a former existence.

Silent, somber, haunting, poetic testimony to tragedy.

What exactly had happened here?

Suddenly it all mattered.

From India, With Love and Fire: Water

By Amber Kinder

As I brushed off my Hindi notes recently, I was reminded of our water summer, and I thought of my continued foray into this language like swimming in a pool. With a renewed sense of purpose I’m wading in: testing, floating, choking, shivering, enjoying…

From India, with Love and Fire: Embrace


The setting was beautiful. Compared to Delhi’s flat, dusty, crowded surroundings, this was steep and quiet. The roads twisted and pulled and unbalanced us as we travelled up and around the mountains. They led us to falls, mountain towns, overlooks on the valley below, and the Himalayas beyond…