Anthrow Circus

About Us

Welcome to the soft launch of our new website! Enjoy all the stories featured on our home page while we keep doing some redecorating in the background to get the rest of the site ready for your enjoyment. Think of it as the show before the show. We can’t wait to invite you to tour the rest of the corners of the all-new Anthrow Circus tent soon! 

Anthrow Circus is a mixed media collection crafted by artists, filmmakers, journalists, historians, and designers working together as creative anthropologists to examine culture and society through the lens of place.

We seek to foster engagement between creatives and a thoughtful audience in order to explore ideologies, create dialogue, empower voices, and bridge the distance between individuals in an ever-changing world through arts and culture.
Characteristics of Anthrow Circus
  • Actively give voice through a mix of formats and forms of expression
  • Offer context that sets the stage for more accurate understanding
  • Work with contributors from around the world
  • Interplay various forms of art to tell stories honestly
  • Explore beyond the surface of cliche and stereotype
  • Seek to avoid language that divides or incites
  • Maintain high editorial and visual standards
  • Explore contemporary cultural content

Within this place of wonder we exchange ideas and create community, building bridges in an increasingly global society.